Why Better Business

Your Partner in Achieving Business Excellence and Sustainability

The Better Business Partnership program is your gateway to integrating sustainability into the core of your business operations. Our comprehensive focus areas are designed to guide your business towards environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic success.

Better Business focus areas

Net Zero

To reach Net Zero emissions, the pathway is to actively reduce actual emissions through energy used, waste produced in the business as much as possible. Only then carbon offsetting is used for the remaining emssions. We guide your business in calculating baseline emissions, setting realistic targets, and reporting on progress. Discover practical actions and steps to significantly reduce your carbon footprintand contribute to a sustainable future.

Circular Economy and Waste Minimisation

The Circular Economy is a model of resource use to ensure that we reduce waste and recover materials to keep them in use and circulation for as long as possible to minimise the production of waste . Learn how your business can adopt this sustainable model by focusing on reducing waste, extending product life cycles, and creating regenerative systems for more sustainable business operations. Dive deep into effective waste minimisation strategies. Understand the various ‘R’s of waste management—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—and implement strategies for managing food and organic waste, promoting comprehensive recycling practices.

Making it Easier

Access free and sponsored resources offered by Government agencies such as Service NSW, Small Business Commissioner to make it easier to start and stay in business. Leverage modern tools and technologies to streamline your business. processes. Access rebates and grants to help your business to grow and prosper.

Being a Better Responsible Business

Explore pathways to certifications such as BCorp and Social Enterprise, underscoring your commitment to responsible business practices. We guide you through models and certifications that highlight your business’s social and environmental ethics. Embrace best practices in reporting, governance, and transparency. Learn about ESG Reporting Standards and how they can elevate your business’s accountability and sustainability profile.

Tailored Online Assessment for Your Business

Our ‘How Sustainable Is My Business?’ online assessment is tailored to these focus areas, adaptable to your business context, whether home-based, commercial, online, or brick-and-mortar.

Meet BBP Sustainability Champion Businesses

Banks & Solander is a family owned boutique micro distillery hidden in the back streets of Botany.
Australia’s largest supplier of certified engineered bamboo and rattan.
Innovative reusable items such as bin liners to avoid single use plastic.
Busy cafe in Chatswood Interchange pioneers of BYO cup and reducing single waste
Garden Rooftop bar and restaurant in North Sydney CBD
A music school and recording studio specialising in private tuition and band programs in Willoughby.
Family owned shopping village Winner Better Business Shopping Centre 2018
Popular micro-brewery and bar-restaurant in Naremburn with innovative waste practices
Local cafe restaurant with focus on renewable energy and local produce and suppliers
Putting the “hole in wholesome” bagel cafe in Cremorne
A Point-of-Sale Merchandise design company on a mission to influence industry to be more sustainable.
A purpose built early childcare in St Ives with a focus on sustainability

Support for Your Sustainability Journey

Expert BBP Managers

Available for businesses within our partner council areas, offering dedicated support to guide you through the assessment and action planning.

Self-Guided Path

Prefer to manage your sustainability journey independently? Our resources and tools are designed for self-driven businesses, empowering you to take the lead.

Sustainability: A Core Business Value

Incorporating sustainable practices goes beyond environmental benefits; it’s about future-proofing your business in a world where sustainability is increasingly valued by consumers, employees, and stakeholders.

Join the BBP Program for a Sustainable Future

Take the Leap with BBP

The Better Business Partnership program supports SMEs in integrating these four pillars of sustainability into their business model. Our resources, expertise, and personalised guidance are designed to help you navigate the complexities of sustainable business practices.

Whether you are beginning your sustainability journey or seeking to enhance your existing practices, BBP is your partner in making a significant, positive impact. Join us in creating a sustainable, responsible, and economically viable business landscape.

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