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This page contains links to websites and resources useful for small businesses. It is updated regularly with special programs, offers and resources that are offered by local, state and federal government as well as from other sources that your business may be eligible to access.
Jaynika Patel

BBP Program Manager

David Sivyer
Business Sustainability Officer
(02) 9424 0126

Energy Level 2 Audits

Up to $2000 in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 – up to 50% audit cost, capped at $1000, paid on completion of audit and report received by Council.
  • Stage 2 – up to 50% of the L2 audit cost, capped at $1000, paid on completion of agreed recommendations

Water Smart

Up to $1000 under Ku-ring-gai Council’s Water Smart rebate program.

 For water efficiency measures such as permeable surfaces, green roofs, rain gardens and rainwater tanks. 

Solar PV and EV Charging

  • Up to $1000 for solar PV systems sized between 5kW and 10kW.
  • Up to $2000 for solar PV systems above 10kW.
  • 50% cost up to $2000 towards the installation of shared electric car charging station

Energy Efficiency

Up to 50% rebate, capped at $2000 for energy efficiency installations including:

  • lighting upgrades;
  • occupancy sensors and timers;
  • equipment upgrades such as air conditioning, refrigeration, pumps and motors to more efficient models

Eligibility Criteria

  • Business must have a current ABN registration
  • Business premises must be located within the Ku-ring-gai Local Government Area;
  • Business must have current BBP accreditation
  • For Level 2 Energy Audits, business must use more than 40MWh/per year in electricity or >$12,000 per year
  • Home based businesses are not eligible for this BBP rebate (home based businesses are eligible for the community EnergySmart and WaterSmart rebates)
  • The BBP rebates cannot be used in conjunction with any other rebates or grants
  • Businesses can claim one of each eligible rebate
  • The business is to consent to Ku-ring-gai Council obtaining electricity data from Ausgrid
  • The business must provide BBP/Ku-ring-gai Council with 12 months of energy bill data prior to and post equipment installation.

Net Zero Communities

Ku-ring-gai Council has set the ambition to reach Net Zero emissions as a council by 2030 and as a local government area by 2040.  Council has published a Climate Change Policy and developed the Towards Zero-Emission 2030 Action Plan.


Daniella MacDowell

BBP Program Manager

CitySwitch program Manager

CitySwitch North Sydney

North Sydney Council is part of CitySwitch Green Office. Australia’s flagship sustainability program supporting office-based businesses on their pathways to Net Zero emissions. Contact Daniella MacDowell to learn more.

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Sustainable Rebates North Sydney

Good news! North Sydney Council just launched it’s Sustainability Rebates Program to support businesses operating in properties within its local government area to implement energy and water saving initiatives. There are fourteen rebates that can be applied for as part of the program up to the value of $5,000. Ensemble Theatre, a

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How to Become a Better Business Council Partner

By partnering with BBP, your council enhances the local business community’s sustainability, driving economic growth and resilience. This collaboration offers access to BBP’s resources, expertise, and network, positioning your council as a leader in sustainable governance. Additionally, joining BBP’s network allows for sharing best practices and promoting collaborations with like-minded councils and organisations, promoting sustainable development goals.

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