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Better Business Partnership Is a Free Business Sustainability Program

Funded by local councils Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney, Willoughby City and Bayside Councils in Sydney, Australia

To promote and support small and medium-sized businesses to be more successful through sustainability.

It educates and provides free advice on ways for local businesses of all types to be more efficient with resource use and make operational improvements to achieve environmental, social, and economic gains for long-term success.

Guiding small and medium businesses

Towards long-lasting success by fostering business sustainability.

The Better Business Partnership (BBP) is an innovative business sustainability program jointly funded by Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby Councils (“Partner Councils”) to support the local business community to be successful through sustainability – economic, environmental and social.

BBP was established with grant funding from the NSW Environmental Trust Urban Sustainability Program. It is a collaboration between councils, business owners, business networks, community organisations, and other government agencies that strengthen the local business community.

BBP targets small- to medium-sized businesses in the Partner Councils and educates and supports them through face-to-face positive encouragement.

BBP facilitates a collaborative and connected sustainable business network, promotes member businesses to the local community and recognises and rewards businesses for their sustainable achievements.

BBP holds regular educational and networking events, recognises and celebrates the sustainability achievements of the sustainability-minded businesses in the program and promotes them to the local community.

The program fosters collaboration and learning among like-minded local businesses, creating a network of sustainable business champions.

For the Partner Councils, BBP is an effective way to deliver on its Community Strategic Plan and longer-term goals in relation to sustainability and net zero emissions.

About Better Business Partnership

Our Vision

Small & medium enterprises creating better environmental and social outcomes through operating sustainably and responsibly

Our Mission

The Better Business Partnership supports and empowers the small & medium business community to improve their overall sustainability performance (economic, social and environmental) through tailored and accessible solutions, in line with the Partner Council’s Community Strategic Plans.

The BBP Team

Amanda Choy

Amanda is the Program Coordinator and the main point of contact for the BBP program working across all Partner Councils. She brings a diverse range of skills and experience, having once been a corporate lawyer followed by over 15 years at Singtel Optus, one of Australia’s largest telco organisations, where she held a broad range of roles in Commercial and Business Management to business process improvement and customer experience transformation.  In 2015, Amanda switched to Business Sustainability, working with local Chambers of Commerce and small businesses.

David Sivyer

David Sivyer is the Program Manager for Better Business Partnerships and Net Zero Communities, bringing experience from his roles in both government and private sectors. David’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Business and an MBA of Social Impact, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of business, sustainability, and social change.

Daniella MacDowell

Daniella hails from Brazil where she had over 10 years working as a consultant and corporate sustainability manager. She also holds several degrees in Environmental Health, Social Development and Environmental Education. She is the Sustainable Business Manager for North Sydney Council and manages both Better Business Partnership and CitySwitch programs.

Jaynika Patel

Jaynika Patel is the BBP Program Manager dedicated to businesses located and operating within the Willoughby City Council local government area. Jaynika is a trained Optometrist in the UK but has decided to take the plunge with a career change along with a move abroad, she is excited to work with the community for the council. She recently hosted a Climate Café in Sydney.

Brenda Willis

Currently leading marketing communications at BBP, has had a diverse sales and FMCG category management career at multinationals Mars, Kraft, and Nestle.  Brenda has recently had two art-based businesses, but her passion is always sustainability.

Our Council Partners

Ku-ring-gai logo

Ku-ring-gai Council

Ku-ring-gai local government area is the green leafy upper north shore of Sydney and is surrounded by Sydney’s natural beauty with Middle Harbour and the Ku-ring-gai National Park.


North Sydney Council

North Sydney is a local government area immediately north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a busy CBD as well as many beautiful harbour bays and charming residential suburbs surrounding the harbour. Daniella MacDowell is the BBP Program Manager dedicated to supporting businesses located and operating in North Sydney.


Willoughby City Council

Willoughby City Council is situated on Sydney’s North Shore between North Sydney Council to the south and Ku-ring-gai Council to the north. It’s jewel in the crown is the bustling retail and food mecca of Chatswood, reknowned for its Asian food variety. The BBP Program Manager dedicated to supporting businesses located and operating in Willoughby City local government area is Jaynika Patel.


Bayside Council

Ku-ring-gai local government area is the green leafy upper north shore of Sydney and is surrounded by Sydney’s natural beauty with Middle Harbour and the Ku-ring-gai National Park.

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