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Better Business Partnership Terms and Conditions


Better Business Partnership (“BBP”) is a joint Council service (the “service”) funded by Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby City Council (the “Program Councils”). BBP assists local businesses to achieve success through sustainability. BBP is hosted by Ku-ring-gai Council (“the Host Council”).


Accredited Membership is available to business who operate from a commercial premises located within one of the Program Council’s Local Government Areas. Limited membership is available to businesses located outside of the Program Councils which entitles the business to receive communications from BBP, to receive invites to BBP events and workshops and to receive member to member offers from Accredited Members.

To qualify for BBP Membership, the business must provide business and contact details and accept the terms and conditions of the BBP Program.

BBP reserves the right to refuse membership or terminate membership for any reason, including, but not limited to: the business has had enforcement action served in response to an offence; or any other reason where the Councils believe that the businesses membership with BBP may bring into disrepute or damage the credibility or reputation of the BBP service or that of the Program Councils.


BBP from time to time may offer members with the option of additional services delivered directly by BBP or by third parties, such services being strictly limited in number and availability. BBP reserves the right to provide these services to businesses based on selective criteria that may include the location, industry category and/or other characteristics deemed appropriate in order to maximise Program outcomes and objectives that change from time to time.


By applying to become a member of BBP, I authorise the Host Council to collect and use information about my business in order to provide membership and services by BBP.

I understand that information collected that is not personal information or commercial in confidence, including (but not limited to) business trading name; physical address; phone number; business website URL; and business Facebook URL, may be published by BBP as a public record of the business’ membership with BBP. This information may also be used by the Partner Councils and the NSW Government to contact you in relation to other programs and services provided or facilitated by the Councils or the NSW Government, unless the business indicates in writing or via email otherwise.

Should accreditation be provided by BBP through its Accreditation System, this accreditation may also be published by BBP including achievements, unless the business indicates in writing or via email otherwise.

All other information collected by BBP is confidential and it will only be used by the Host Council and the Program Councils to evaluate and report on the BBP program and will not be disclosed to any other person without my express permission is sought for a specific purpose.


The Host Council and the Program Councils take no responsibility for loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly as a result of being a member of the BBP or through receiving a service from BBP or via a third party associated with BBP. BBP provides information not advice. Members are advised to seek their own advice from professionals when making decisions that will impact their business.

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