How to become a BBP Council Partner

Join Us in Shaping Sustainable Business Communities

The Better Business Partnership (BBP) program invites local councils to become key partners in fostering sustainable business practices within their communities. By becoming a BBP Council Partner, your council can play a pivotal role in promoting environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability among local businesses.

Initial Inquiry and Consultation

  • Contact us to express your interest in becoming a BBP Council Partner.
  • We will arrange an initial consultation to discuss your council’s objectives, the needs of your local business community, and how the BBP program can align with your sustainability goals.

Customised Partnership Proposal

  • Based on the initial consultation, we will develop a tailored partnership proposal. This proposal will outline the partnership structure, roles, responsibilities, and the specific support BBP will provide.

Collaborative Planning and Strategy Development

  • Work with us to develop a strategic plan that integrates BBP’s sustainability framework into your local business community.
  • Establish key performance indicators and targets for the partnership.

Agreement and Official Onboarding

  • Finalise the partnership through a formal agreement outlining the terms of collaboration.
  • Begin the onboarding process, which includes training for council staff and setting up communication channels.

Implementation and Support

  • Launch the partnership with an official announcement and joint marketing efforts.
  • BBP will provide ongoing support, resources, and training to ensure the success of the partnership.

Benefits of Being a BBP Council Partner

  • Community Impact: Enhance the sustainability profile of your local business community, contributing to broader environmental and social goals.
  • Economic Development: Support local businesses in becoming more sustainable and competitive, driving economic growth and resilience.
  • Resource Sharing: Gain access to BBP’s extensive resources, expertise, and network.
    Visibility and Leadership: Position your council as a leader in sustainability and responsible governance.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Join a network of councils and organisations committed to sustainable development and share best practices.

Our Council Partners


North Sydney Council

North Sydney is a local government area immediately north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a busy CBD as well as many beautiful harbour bays and charming residential suburbs surrounding the harbour. Daniella MacDowell is the BBP Program Manager dedicated to supporting businesses located and operating in North Sydney.

Ku-ring-gai logo

Ku-ring-gai Council

Ku-ring-gai local government area is the green leafy upper north shore of Sydney and is surrounded by Sydney’s natural beauty with Middle Harbour and the Ku-ring-gai National Park.


Willoughby City Council

Willoughby City Council is situated on Sydney’s North Shore between North Sydney Council to the south and Ku-ring-gai Council to the north. It’s jewel in the crown is the bustling retail and food mecca of Chatswood, reknowned for its Asian food variety. The BBP Program Manager dedicated to supporting businesses located and operating in Willoughby City local government area is Jaynika Patel.

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