CandleXchange and Banish: Sustainability Steps Workshop

The BBP team recently attended a Sustainability Steps Workshop, a unique event hosted by CandleXchange and Banish.

Amanda, Jaynika, David, Daniella and Brenda – the BBP team

What started as a team building exercise quickly blossomed into an experience that left us all feeling inspired and energized. As we immersed ourselves in the world of candles, we learned about their rich history and the endless possibilities for recyclability. Not only did we craft beautiful candles, but we also gained a deep understanding of the importance of giving back to our community. As part of CandleXchanges recycle program, the second hand jars are cleaned, remade into beautiful candles and given to deserving charities. One of the most memorable moments of the workshop was witnessing the incredible work of Banish in action. We were amazed by their innovative approach to collecting hard-to-recycle items and turning them into stunning recycled products. You can see some of the boxes in the photos below that are meticulously filled and posted in by the community for sorting.

The BBP team then got to walk away with our own handcrafted candles and recycled plastic pens – a truly empowering experience. Leaving the workshop, we are full of admiration for the unwavering dedication of CandleXchange and Banish to sustainability. Check them out to learn for yourself how they can help and inspire you, be it from recycled products for sale, beautifully scented candles on offer, workshops or by being a recycling hub.

Note: CandleXchange is a proud BBP member and is regularly at North shore markets.

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